Author Topic: [multi OS] Bootloader setup with preexisting syslinux  (Read 378 times)


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[multi OS] Bootloader setup with preexisting syslinux
« on: May 01, 2016, 09:26:51 AM »
Hi watters!
I'd like to test watos r9 or r10 Beta on a little laptop that already has two distros running.
Microwatt is installed but not rebooted yet until I figure out q nice way to boot it from existing boot setup.

Partition setup:
sda1 = /boot, 500 MB
vg1_lv1 (lvm) = Arch
vg1_lv2 (lvm) = Arch test
vg1_lv3 (lvm) = Peppermint (Ubuntu based)
vg1_lv4 (lvm) = microwatt R9

Bootloader setup:
MBR = syslinux
sda1 = syslinux + various Arch kernels + grub2 chainloaded from syslinux (loads Peppermint on vg1_lv3). Partition has ~100 MB free.

What would be the choices to load Microwatt?
1. Add microwatt entries to sda1 grub.cfg and load the OS kernel images from vg1_lv4/boot
2. Mount sda1 as /boot in microwatt and run grub-install: to put the kernel images on sda1. Then how to make sure it does not overwrite the MBR?
3. Some other way I don't see?

Thanks in advance for sharing your opinion.