This page is not intended to answer all questions, but might quickly help you understand the basics of wattOS. Visit the forums, wiki, and chat to get specific information you may need. 

What is wattOS?

wattOS is a lightweight Linux operating system remastered from the core Ubuntu Linux build. It is a free operating system that focuses on a small footprint, low power, and a simple quick interface that you can easily add whatever you want.

What does wattOS use for its interface, basis, etc

The current wattOS build is based upon i3 window manager and LXDE to provide a friendly but fast user interface that is familiar to most users. wattOS uses the latest Ubuntu Linux as a basis using only the core system and then slowly adding base modules to ensure a small memory footprint, and speed.

What could I use wattOS for?

Well – just about anything! It works well for old computers and systems with low power and or memory. If you want to revive that old computer and make run fast and new again, make a low power computer or Kiosk, and more! It can perform many functions that any computer could use. Surf the internet, word process, email, spreadsheets, listen to music, watch movies, chat, whatever you want!

How do I install or try out wattOS?

That part is easy with a little reading and effort.

Simply download the wattOS file in the downloads section. (When in doubt get the newest version). Then burn it to CD or copy to USB, put it in your computer and reboot. If your computer is setup to detect bootable CD’s or USB sticks (thumb drives), it will automatically start and you can try wattOS right from the CD/USB stick without changing anything on your computer. When you are happy with what you see, there is an “Install” icon right on the desktop. Click on that and follow the prompts and you will quickly have a shiny new operating system!

For more details and help – head to the forums to find others who can help you get things working.

How do I download wattOS?

From the main page, go to the “Downloads” link at the top of the page. Then click on the version you want. Then you will see the listed downloads.

Who do I contact if I have questions about wattOS?

wattOS is based in Portland Oregon USA. The forums or chat are a great place to start. If you have questions, want to chat, need to know more, etc.
You can also send a private message to biff – the creator of wattOS