wattOS is a lightweight Linux operating system remastered from the core Ubuntu Linux build. It is a free operating system that focuses on a small footprint, low power, and a simple quick interface that you can easily add whatever you want to it. wattOS has been in active development for 8+ years. We are a small group of friendly Linux enthusiasts, and welcome anyone who wants to give it a spin.

We like to bring old hardware back to life, and think you can be productive and enjoy things like rich media, the Internet, and simple computing without all the bloat and costs. wattOS will run on old hardware well. Check out the FAQ, forums, and wiki to learn more and get involved.

There are currently two editions of wattOS in active development.

wattOS – Microwatt Edition – A minimalist tiling window manager (i3) driven desktop system that offers low resource requirements and simplicity.

wattOS – LXDE Edition – A lightweight but fully featured desktop system that has a core functions to use immediately and provides a basis for you to customize how you see fit.

wattOS R9 (Release 9) is the current active release and wattOS R10 will be released in August of 2016.