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Ubuntu is not unstable...

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    May 14, 2014 3:36 PM PDT

    I know why the change to debian has occured, and I don't disagree with this change.


    But I want to clear up some misnomers about Ubuntu.


    First off, when I think of Ubuntu, i don't think of Unity, Gnome, or for that matter any other desktop.


    I think of Ubuntu Server, in other words, the underlying processes.


    Ubuntu is more rock solid than ever. If you are a user like me, you have long since switched to either Ubuntu server, or Xubuntu or Lubuntu simply because of the bloated carcasses that are current Linux "pretty" desktops.


    Ubuntu 14.04 is the most solid Linux version I have seen to date. I think it beats debian hands down for solidarity. (I probably used that word incorrectly.)


    I love the idea of using debian, so no problem. But Ubuntu,  the packages that make up the main system sans a specific desktop environment, are very solidly stable.


    -A Linux geek

    AKA Commander Keen :)


    P.S. sometimes in my passionate throws I come off passive agressive or even out right rude.

    That's not my intention, so please forgive me if that is what it seems like. :)

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