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Suggestion: make the Shutdown button visible in more places

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    October 22, 2013 12:06 PM PDT

    I am de-emphasizing the Lxde panel and menu and trying to do more things in other application launchers. Because of the way the .deskop file for the Shutdown button is written, it is hidden from most app launchers.


    In the .desktop file for the Shutdown button, changing




    makes the Shutdown button show up in the Lxde Menu, and in xfce4-appfinder. The button should show up in other app launchers as well.


    To try this out, first copy the "Shutdown" file from
    then make the directory
    Paste the "Shutdown" file in there and edit this file in Leafpad to make the changes. The Shutdown button will show up in the System Tools submenu of the Lxde panel menu.