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  • New Changes to some of the wattOS basics

    This is not intended as a "readme" or official technical information, its just general thoughts about the recent changes that are going to be incorporated into wattOS and how it will lay some groundwork for future work.

    I have removed a locally installed email client. Why? After thinking about it for a while I figured out that I never use the locally installed mail client any longer. I think people can choose what they want to use, and why leave claws or some other program installed if its not going to get used. Most people now use gmail, hotmail, or some other solution that has a web interface for them, or something they want to sync to a handheld device. So out with the traditional mail client.

    I did however add in a couple of other curious additions. One was Osmo which gives some calendaring and contact functions. It might seem a little at odds with the previous paragraph, but its just a nice little personal organizer and you can import and export contacts to it as well as calendars, etc. Simple and easy way to have contacts and basic calendaring without an email program.

    I added RedNotebook as it is a nice fast journal for note taking. I use these types of programs a lot in meetings and keeping thoughts together tied to dates. I have used almost all of them from tomboy to basKet to others.

    I have moved away from Shotwell and other typical ubuntu type offerings and found a nice little program called Fotoxx which is light and fast and simply gets out of the way. If I want to simply crop a photo or resize or change from a png to jpg, I don't need a bunch of other things.

    I changed music players to foobnix which is a lightweight music player with some interesting features. Has around 3000 stations pre-programmed to listen to, plays local music on your computer, and integrates search on the Internet for artists so you can listen to cool things. Additionally has integrated video capability (that works I tested) and you can google search your artist of choice and watch. Its a pretty young program that will be a bit of a test for this release, but I like what I have seen so far, and it is responsive.

    Additionally I am finally adding a wattOS specific repo so I can do some work I want for wattOS packages specificially and not tied to someone elses repos or versions.

    So there you have it. Things are just about wrapped up, and if the stars are aligned we will all be playing with the final version very-very soon.


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  • biff baxter
    biff baxter Hi Gonzalo...I have wattOS running on older machines than Celeron III that you mention. The bottleneck currently is RAM since the installer happens via the liveCD and not a text based installer. I have 333Mhz machines running wattOS with 192MB of RAM on t...  more
    January 27, 2011
  • Gonzalo V
    Gonzalo V Yea, you are right. Even more, I think the 8 MB of video memory is the bottleneck... In this old laptop it took ages to boot and I got only a dark screen, in the end. Is there such a thing as an "alternate CD" to install it without demanding too much grap...  more
    January 27, 2011
  • Leenie Gilmore
    Leenie Gilmore Have you read this in Off Topic Discussions?: "You can run the Live CD on a newer computer and use that to install onto a hard drive that you can then transfer to the older machine. Unlike Windows, Linux will boot when you do that. Just a thought." I wond...  more
    January 27, 2011
  • Gonzalo V
    Gonzalo V Perhaps this "changing HD" is fine for a PC (even-though I think there might be issues with some specifications of the mother-board and other different parts between the two machines), but for a laptop, is quite complicated. In this case I cannot open it,...  more
    January 29, 2011