Biffs Blog - 12-21-2010 - New Web Site

  • Well the web site has finally been upgraded. It took quite a bit of work, and a complete re-write of the underlying code.


    The old forums were broken, and the old site code was misbehaving with the database it was connected to, and a whole host of other strangeness.


    So I decided while it was painful, this was the best route. I wanted an engine that would encourage/allow participation in a community and tools that allow people to communicate.


    My long term desire is to create a web site that not only allows others to discuss wattOS Linux, but to discuss other Linux distros, tips and tricks, and to share ways you have used linux to recycle old computers, and have implemented linux in ways that was a more cost effective route than commercial counterparts. It always amazes me to see how people use Linux in applications like home automation, car computers, kiosks, all kinds of interesting things.


    I see a lot of waste every day in computers and resources expended to support the 36 month upgrade cycle most commercial companies adhere too, and I hope we can build a knowledgebase that allows us to share how we can increase the usability of systems and reuse systems rather than toss them.



  • Saigua Tang
    Saigua Tang Yeah, if not an i686 spin (really kind of 'limited' in application to multicore/multimonitor/6GB boxes) then perhaps one with an ODB-II (and/or like automotive standards) analyzer in it. Some side-by side image work for old or new (e.g. 'mere GX492 GPUs'...  more
    December 23, 2010
  • Saigua Tang
    Saigua Tang Updates at the top of the page is compelling, but it works weird; it gives:
    names (linking to our profiles), and
    posted links to the actual thread (oldest first), but
    topic links to the thread's parent selections.
    So: More breadcrumbs ($threadname, ...  more
    January 12, 2011