wattOS R9 Released!

  • The wattOS team is pleased to announce the release of the newest version of wattOS – Release 9 – (also known as R9). We have made the switch back to Ubuntu as the upstream distro and built the latest version from 14.04 LTS for long term support and stability.


    We have simplified things this time around with wattOS and are only releasing two types of desktops. Previously having the extra desktop versions created additional work. This time we are more focused and have released only two desktop versions.


    R9 – LXDE – 32 and 64bit

    R9 – Microwatt – 32 and 64bit


    The LXDE version will look very familiar to most people who have used wattOS and LXDE, but the Microwatt version is much different in that it is based on i3 window manager. We have added some additional resources and information about this in the forum and the new wiki being built out. Additionally there is a 20 minute video we have put together outlining the basics of working with i3 and wattOS.


    The result is a light, clean, fast desktop in both cases that can be used to bring old computers back to life or as a basis to start with a clean simple desktop for whatever use you decide to customize into.


    Core apps and versions for LXDE

    Core system - Linux Kernel

    File manager - PCManFM 1.2.0

    Graphics Editing - Shotwell 0.18.0

    Web Browsing (including flash support) – Firefox 38.0

    File transfer - Filezilla 3.7.3

    BitTorrent client - Transmission 2.82

    PDF viewing – Evince – 3.10.3

    Music Player - Audacious 3.4.3

    Video/multimedia player – gnome-mplayer – 1.0.8

    Power management utilities like powertop to optimize settings, support for power

    manangement features of laptops


    Core apps and differences for Microwatt – R9

    i3 Tiling Window Manager – 4.10.2

    Subset of applications listed above with scripts included to install afterwards if wanted

    Midori web browser (with flash support) – 0.4.3

    Terminal tools like htop


    Whats new in R9

    - Switch back to Unbuntu and specific LTS release build

    - All new versions and upgrades to programs mentioned above

    - Broader support for wireless and various hardware

    - Microwatt changes mentioned and lightweight apps and window manager for low spec installs


    LXDE versions wattOS should be able to run on any system that has a Pentium 3 class

    processor or better with 192-256MB of RAM to install but less than 128MB after

    install is complete.


    Microwatt version of wattOS should be able to run on the same class of machines

    as LXDE but with a smaller memory footprint.