wattOS - R7.5 Released!

  • I am pleased to announce the immediate release wattOS Release 7.5

    It is available via bittorrent and direct download links.


    wattOS R7.5 (release 7.5) is a remaster of ubuntu 13.04 and is fully compatible with ubuntu

    There are several new exciting things with release 7.5 as there are now
    three core flavors for you to try.

    32 and 64bit LXDE desktop versions
    32 bit Microwatt - lightweight and running customized pekwm
    32 and 64bit MATE-desktop version** (all new)

    The philosophy is to be minimal but functional and let you choose what you
    want to install but to give you a good basic OS with a foundation to
    customize how you like.

    Things like printing, user management, multi-monitor support,
    power management and software management is all installed and ready to
    be used. The user interface is simple and foregoes all the extra un-needed
    bells and whistles so you can have a fast efficient system.

    LXDE versions wattOS should be able to run on any system that has a Pentium 3 class
    processor or better with 192-256MB of RAM to install but less than 128MB after
    install is complete.

    Microwatt version of wattOS should be able to run on the same class of machines
    as LXDE but with a smaller memory and hard drive footprint.

    Microwatt has a few changes from standard wattOS

    - Web browser - Midori - not Chromium
    - mystuff 2.0 - a control panel type utility that on install has several software packages you can download and install from the Internet. Additonally you can add new launchers or delete old ones and make your own customized launcher for applications, or whatever you like. This keeps the size down and
    lets you decide what additional things you might want quickly and easily without a lot of overhead.

    - Microwatt is designed to be more minimal than the other versions so it may require you to
    "get under the hood" a little more than others. Its also much less mature from a "road-tested" standpoint in that its only the second version of Microwatt released, but is still based on the same 13.04 upstream respositories.

    wattOS also can support the fastest and newest systems with the 64bit multi-core
    systems and large RAM and performance requirements.


    Core apps and versions for LXDE
    Core system - Linux Kernel 3.8.0-31
    File manager - PCManFM 1.1.0 (now includes gui based simple search!)
    Graphics Editing - Pinta 1.3
    Web Browsing (including flash support) - Chromium 28.0.1500.71
    File transfer - Filezilla
    BitTorrent client - Transmission 2.77
    PDF viewing - ePDFViewer 0.1.8
    Music Player - Audacious 3.3.4
    Web Cam - Cheese 3.6.2
    Video/multimedia player - VLC 2.0.8
    CD burning utility - XFBurn 0.4.3
    Power management utilities like powertop to optimize settings, support for power
    manangement features of laptops


    Core apps and differences for MATE-Desktop 1.6
    Core apps are the same as LXDE but all MATE-Desktop utilities that replace
    their like gnome utilities are present.
    - Caja File Manager
    - Pluma text editor
    - Eye of MATE graphic viewer
    - Atril PDF viewer
    - Engrampa archive manager
    - MATE terminal
    - Control panel functionality and the Lubuntu software center is present


    Whats New in 7.5
    * The addition of the 32 and 64bit MATE-Desktop versions
    * The addition of the Lubuntu software center for LXDE and MATE-Desktop versions
    This greatly eases adding new software for casual users
    * Microwatt Changes from Qupzilla to Midori Browser
    * Multiple bug fixes on all versions including better software update support
    * Better language support
    * updates to all versions to the latest upstream app and kernel updates
    * focus on slimming things down and making things simpler
    - changed login manager back to slim from lightdm
    - Removed abiword and gnumeric
    - MATE-Desktop simple menus and core apps only - very gnome classic like setup

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  • david linares
    david linares has anyone managed to get wattos to run on a p2 class system?
    November 17, 2013