wattOS R6 New release Info

  • Greetings all - for those of you who are new to wattOS, many of the fourm entries might already contain answers to your questions. (Be sure to look specifically at R6 areas. Some of the previous version fixes (R5 forum areas), tweaks, etc. will work in the newer versions. Dont forget to use the search function in the forums (upper right corner) and enter a simple search phrase and you might just find an answer quickly. 


    wattOS R6 is based on ubuntu 12.04.1 and the latest updates from the repos. Additionally if you read the brief announcement notes, you will see the details of the highlights. It is a simple fast destkop that will likely bring your old computer back to life with speed and lower footprint and low system requirements. If you need a desktop that is clean, easy, and allows you to do the basics and customize and build the way you like, then wattOS is something you should take a look at. 


    Basic Info: This version has a load of new changes. Below is a brief list of updates. This version of wattOS is based on the latest ubuntu 12.04.1


    Generally speaking any computer made in the last 10 years should have no problems running wattOS. I have personally run it on anything from 366MHZ and up. The live CD environment typcially needs 256MB to run reliably to install, but once install is done, it will use much less...Some have installed with less RAM, but your results or time to install will vary....  Typically consuming between 100-120MB of RAM or less once your on a hard drive and running it natively in your computer. (ie. not the live CD)


    wattOS is lightweight Linux running LXDE and updated clean simple interface and smooth easy look.


    wattOS has a full list of packages that can be found in the forums and a list of the major items on Distrowatch.com, as well as the basics here - the distrowatch announcent should come in the next couple days.


    Distrowatch Link: http://distrowatch.com/table.php?distribution=wattos 


    Web Browser - Chromium with Flash support built in 
    Music - Audacious player
    Password Manager -  keepassX 
    Picture editor - Pinta - easy picture editing
    Video/Media player - VLC 
    Spreadsheet - Gnumeric
    Word processing - Abiword
    simple text editor - Leafpad
    Bittorrent - Transmission
    Filezilla FTP 

    Pidgin for chat

    xfburn for CDROM creation (images, data, music)



    Changes of applications from R5 to R6:


    - 32 bit and 64 bit versions for the first time 

    - updated all packages to latest 12.04.1 version and updates (as of 8/25/2012)

    - Updated to Kernel 3.2.0-29
    - Changed to VLC for video player
    - Added xfburn for simple fast CDROM and image creation
    - Updated all power management utilities 
    - Updated Jupiter and including the latest powertop and xfce4 power manager.
    - Changed from Midori browser to Chromium with flash support

    - Added LXFinder - simple search utility

    - Added LXScreenshot utility
    - Lots of other small tweaks and improvements - Like adding windows wireless drivers gui (ndisgtk) to simplify adding drivers and arandr utility for configuring multiple monitors.

    - Cleaned up and simpler theme and installer


    Lots of other work went into this behind the scenes as well. I hope you enjoy.


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