Biffs Blog - Optional Donate Button

  • Greetings all,



    It has been a great week and the new version of wattOS has gotten off the ground with good feedback and a few tweaks. Thank you! I have added a small donation button on the download page for anyone who feels compelled to do so.


    There is no obligation to do so, and I have never received much of anything for wattOS, but if you like it and want to, please feel free, but only if you see the value and like the ongoing development of wattOS. I will always keep wattOS free, but want to at least break even on hosting and time if possible so I can continue work and enjoy the evolution of Linux and share it with others.


    I will be doing some more work this weekend on tutorials, readme's, etc. I think I am going to knock out a series of screencasts so folks can see how to do things with simple short videos.


    Have a great week.